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Local Knowledge Makes the Difference

Spud collars, lashing gangs, stow plans, spreader bars, lashing rods, dunnage, monkey’s fists, under-keel clearance, messenger lines, figure eights, timberheads, chocks, hawsers, deck winches, push-knees, and topping lines are part of the everyday work vocabulary at Raley & Raley, PC.

We speak your language simply because we have been doing this for awhile.  We know how the inner workings of the marine industry will affect your case.  We use our knowledge to your advantage.

Our attorneys understand the waterfront and how it works.  We have years of experience:

  • Consulting with clients
  • Inspecting ships, dredges, tugs, barges, and other vessels
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Taking depositions of workers and industry experts, including marine surveyors, loading experts, crane experts, and marine safety experts

Add to the mix of this experience our many trials, appeals, depositions, and hearings on a variety of maritime law in state and federal courts in Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and other Southeastern states.


The result is a legal team who knows what they are talking about.

Check out the details of our careers for backup:

Charles H. Raley, Jr.
Erin Brownfield Raley
Ports Where We Have Served Clients



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