Local. Knowledge. Results for Injured Maritime Workers in GA and SC

Wed, 01/09/2013 - 13:04 -- craley

We have been privileged to represent injured mariners, including dredge crew, tug crew, and longshoremen (and many others) since 1986 in South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. We take pride in working for these injured workers to achieve the optimal financial recovery allowed by the law.What sets us apart?  For starters, we live and work where our Clients do.  Like the workers who make their living on our local waters, because of our geographical position and information network, we have Local Knowledge. And we didn't get that Local Knowledge from advertising a we

Family of Georgia Tugboat Deckhand Wins Jones Act Death Case

Thu, 07/20/2017 - 13:22 -- craley

Coastal tugboat deckhand and Georgia native Danny Williams, 32, was killed offshore of Tybee Island while doing his job in July, 2016.Danny was a part of the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project (SHEP, begun in 2015), which includes dredging the Savannah River to a depth of 47 feet and extending the channel an additional 18.5 miles into the open ocean.Danny's mother, Arden Williams, through her attorneys, Raley & Raley, P.C., filed a lawsuit against Danny's employer.Ms.

Injured Port Worker Wins Remand to State Court

Tue, 06/13/2017 - 11:29 -- craley

A ship to shore crane injured a stevedore aboard a vessel docked in navigable waters.The injured worker filed a lawsuit in State Court.  The Defendant crane owner "removed" the case to Federal Court, thereby attempting to modify the worker's choice of court in which to litigate the case. The worker responded that the removal was improper, since it infringed upon his historical right to bring maritime claims in State Court under the "Saving to Suitors" Clause of 28 USC Sec.


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